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We are one of the leading solution providers of comprehensive HR integrated services with a team of highly skilled recruitment professionals having multi-location presence across India.

Executive Search/Leadership Hiring

StepUp HR is one of the very few successful search firms with an Indian origin. Backed by a result-oriented decade of experience, we have been instrumental in facilitating some......Read more

Recruitment Solutions

Matching jobs and candidates has gained hugely in importance in the recent time. There is an increased focus on the candidate experience during recruitment process......Read more

Project-Based Recruitment

Bulk-hiring & Turnkey hiring: We have the bandwidth, technology, processes and expertise to support your high-volume recruiting needs. we can quickly respond to high......Read more

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

StepUp HR develops placement solutions and recruiting strategies specific to your company’s business objectives and provides options that fit your business needs......Read more

What Our Employer Speaks

I was associated with StepUp for more than 2 years and the experience which I gained during this period has truly helped me to gain a lot of diverse industry experience which in fact is the best thing about StepUp and it is simply because of the set of clientele and the brands which are there. In addition to that the leaders and mentors of StepUp HR add immense value to the organization.
A Former Employee of StepUp HR
It is a pleasure to be a part of StepUp HR. Have started my career with this organisation and it’s been more than 5 years now. The company provides immense opportunities to explore one's capabilities. A truly professional organisation with strong ethical values. Employees at different levels are treated equally by the management. The company believes in transparency and the incentive schemes are really impressive as the management believes in equal distribution of wealth across all levels. Employees are supportive, encouraging and friendly. Would like to mention about Abhishek Sir (MD & CEO, StepUp HR). He is well-known for his vision and passion and knows how to put his words into action. He recognizes potential and encourages his team to learn more and achieve more. His “go for it” attitude develops a winning attitude among his employees. Under his great leadership and guidance, StepUp HR is a renowned name in the recruitment industry.
An Existing Senior Employee of StepUp HR
I have been working with StepUp HR for more than 2 years now and have really enjoyed working here. I was a campus hire and this is my first job. The best part about this organization is that it has an unbelievably flat structure. You can approach the management for any issue, they always welcome you and are all ears to what you have to say. Also, another pro is that if you perform well, you are given all the opportunities to grow professionally. I, myself have been given opportunity to work in different roles of a Recruiter, Key Account Manager, CRM and Team Lead. StepUp has really shaped my career and has given me wings of confidence to not only stand tall and proud in a crowd of intellectuals but also have a meaningful conversation with them. I will remain highly indebted to StepUp for that. Also, centrally-located, opposite Ludhiana Stock Exchange, it has one of the best infrastructures in Ludhiana.
An Existing Employee of StepUp HR
My association with StepUp HR goes back 5 years, when I joined as a fresher and am currently serving as a Manager + driving a company-owned car. Have gained experience by working on cross-functional projects and learned the right metrics for evaluating and recruiting people. This is an organisation that has tremendously given back to the society by generating employment opportunities for diversity in a non-metro.
An Existing Employee of StepUp HR
I have been associated with StepUp HR for more than 3 years now. Few things which come to my mind about StepUp HR are best in class infrastructure, good working environment, best clients in the industry, excellent learning opportunities, friendly management and one of the best paymasters in the recruitment industry.
A Senior Employee of StepUp HR
I have been working in StepUp HR from more than 6 years. It holds a great vision in the recruitment industry. The best thing about StepUp HR is that it has been piloted in the safe hands of Mr. Abhishek Upadhyaya (CEO & MD – StepUp HR) who is a visionary and has proved that without an ounce of doubt by turning his dreams into reality, I have seen him living his passion every moment in last 6 years which is really inspiring. Being an entrepreneur, he has tremendously given back to the society by creating growth opportunities, best recruitment services in the industry, empowering diversity and much more. For him, working here is not just a job; it is part of a visionary quest, something to give a higher meaning to his life. He has brought transformations in the existing business by disruptive innovation and he is the one who believes in “taking the road less travelled”. He’s gem of a person who is taking StepUp HR to the new heights. I wish to be a part of this organization for years to come.
A Senior Recruiter of StepUp HR
StepUp HR holds a great vision in the recruitment industry. An open-minded workplace with a deep sense of humility and passion. Growth in this company is incredibly fast, it gives a great room for personal growth and opportunities to move up within the organization. Immense learning opportunities, great exposure to multiple industries, great exposure to multiple industries, good compensation, lucrative incentives & rewards and the culture cannot be beaten. It’s a company where every employee is working towards a common goal of being the best in the industry. StepUp HR actually adds value to their employees.
An Existing Key Account Manager of StepUp HR
Good learning environment, co-operative staff and management, excellent career growth opportunities and a great infrastructure.
A Former Employee of StepUp HR
Am working with StepUp HR since the last 5 years. It's an excellent place to work in. Growth in this company is amazingly fast, huge learning opportunities, great exposure to multiple sectors. The Management always motivates their employees to get the best out of them. They are always ready to help you in any way (personally or Professionally). For people who really want to grow in their life, StepUp HR gives the right platform to you. Life in StepUp is full of excitement and opportunities.
An Existing Employee of StepUp HR
Clear communication of vision and mission by the management, tremendous growth opportunities, dealings with the best of clients from almost every sector, provides best service to its clients in terms of both quality and time, provides monetary incentives to its employees, best of infrastructure facilities.
A Former Employee of StepUp HR

What Our Employees Speaks

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Engineering Procurement & Construction

Bringing Resources Together in the Engineering, Procurement and Construction Sector

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Oil & Gas

National and International Assignments for Onshore & Offshore Operations.

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Meeting the Insatiable Demand for Skilled Manpower in Railways,Roads,Ports,Aviation,Construction.

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Resources who Understand your Business across Brand Management,Supply chain,Purchase,Warehousing,Retail Outlets ,Sale